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Good Afternoon Wynand

Apologies for the late response - but you know how it is, 1 day out of the office and - piles to do on  your return.

Thank you for the course - I thoroughly enjoyed the day and whilst Sebenzana focus on the private sector - I still acquired a great deal of knowledge - thank you!

My ratings for the questions above are as follows: ( 1=Poor, 10=Great)

1.) How would you rate your overall How2Tender workshop experience out of 10?   10   - (This course should be compulsory to anyone wanting to do a tender (get it into the Government Gazette) - this will avoid incorrect people tabling or being awarded tenders beyond their scope of work.

2.)Did you find the content of the workshop informative? 10  - (Not only the content but the current laws gazetted and to  be gazetted going forward )

3.)Was the facilitators knowledgeable and could they assist you with your questions? 10  ( Not only were the facilitators Knowledgeable - their knowledge of current law and changes up to and including today is phenomenal!)

4.)How do you rate the organization, venue and catering? 10 /10/10  

5.) Do you believe the training will make a difference to your business? 10  - the finer details which can get a tender rejected/declined will be perfect now that Sebenza know what to look out for and how to respond to questions)

6.)What did you like least about the workshop?  There were 2 items but neither are the facilitators fault - nor can they be rectified by the facilitator,

                      a)   the fact that the required network points had not been installed and the room was therefore not 100% 

                            ready for the facilitator.

                      b)  The late arrival of delegates.

7.) Would you like to attend any additional  workshops,get more information regarding our consultation services or be involved in our company's procurement solution to other corporates?  Yes - I would like to be involved/informed.

8.)If yes,please specify.  Time is always of the essence and we seem to always rushing to get everything done in the least amount of time.  I would like to provide my boss (who makes the decisions) your services with regard to tendering on our behalf or checking tenders before they are submitted).

9.) Please write a short referral about your How2Tender experience. Had the privileged of being nominated to attend the How2Tender Workshop.  Having prepared a number of tenders - was of the impression that "basics of  how to tender" would be the order of the day.  Another day in a stuffing boardroom too small for the number of delegates!

Wow - to my surprise - we were welcomed by the Facilitator himself (there are no words to describe being met by the "MD" of the Company and shown to  an airy boardroom with perfect lighting and  hot coffee on arrival.  Immediately my previous perception of my day ahead changed to one of enthusiasm and that How2Tender was not only a very Professional Company but also passionate and serious about what they do.

Not only was a great deal of knowledge shared and demonstrated but invaluable information with regard to tenders was gained.  Information one would never learn or know of without attending the How2Tender Workshop.

At the end of the day - I wished the workshop was more than 1 day in that I could have acquired more knowledge and no doubt Wynand and Werner have an abundance of knowledge to share!

The best workshop I have attended on preparing and submitting tenders!

Thank you!!

Kind regards

Robyn Elaine Becker

Office Manager

Customer Referrals


“My overall experience on the HOW2TENDER Workshop is countless and immeasurable. This course could easily have costs over R5 000.00 so it was real value for money. The practical aspect of completing all Government forms on the course gave me the confidence to do business with our Government. I recommend this course to any person or company who wants to Tender or submit Government or Municipal RFQ’s”

Lindi Kibe-Sales Executive: Government

Guvon Hotels & Spas


“The workshop was very informative and I have learnt a lot in the tender process. You guys made it easy to understand the tender documents, Thanks.”

Mpho Mokgoatle-Production Manager: Events

Blue Moon Corporate Communications


“I loved the experience; Werner & Wynand are excellent Speakers who are well versed with the Tender Process. This workshop Revolutionised the way I compile my Bid Document and helped me hone and perfect the minor details that will set my Bid apart from the rest of the Bids. Thank you Guys.”

Lerato Chikane-Director

Moschi Projects


 “Greetings Wynand I just want to thank you guys for the information on 23rd at KPMG. I feel empowered and ready to get into this in 2016. I am busy with the registration of my business.”

Prudence Madelisa

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