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1. How-to-Tender Workshops

Our How-to-Tender Workshops and courses are designed to teach the participants everything they need to know in responding to a Tender in an effective and compliant manner. To see what the workshop is all about click here for the How-to-Tender workshop content. The How-to-Tender Workshop content covers both Private and Public Sector Tenders. When you attend a How-to-Tender Workshop you will receive the Tender Manual for free. Every attendee receives a Certificate of Attendance. The How-to-Tender Workshops dates are displayed on the website. Register now to ensure your seat. Very important: We can present the How-to-Tender Workshop at your own offices if you have 5 or more delegates. Should you require any additional information or an invoice for this option, contact us at any of the email addresses below.

2. Tender Consulting specialises in responding to tenders and has done so on behalf of various companies across South Africa. Our services include:

  • responding to tenders on your behalf;
  • completing Standard Bidding Documents on your behalf;
  • evaluating your tender response to ensure that it complies with the specifications so that your response is not disqualified;
  • Turnkey Projects. (Assisting you in the tender process from the start, the briefing session, to the end where we submit the complete, packaged tender document at the procuring entity on your behalf.)
  • Setting up or evaluating your own in house procurement processes
These services are done according to a project plan and are charged at an hourly rate. Please contact us should you need help in this regard.

3. Compiling of Tender Documents

Compiling tender documents can be a daunting task. We have helped numerous Entities in the compiling of tender documents. Usually we draw-up a Project Plan and assist the Entity from start to finish in the tender process. These services are rendered according to a Project Plan which is based on hours worked and are charged according to our hourly rates. Please contact us should you need help in this regard.

4. Tender Manual

The Tender Manual is a step by step guide that teaches you how to respond to a South African Tender correctly and accurately. This Tender Manual is designed to be used every time you respond to a Tender. There are tips and tricks as well as tick lists that can be use every time you respond to a Tender. To have a look at what you can expect in the Tender Manual, click here for the Tender Manual content. VERY IMPORTANT: the Tender Manual is only available online.

Price - R299-00

5. Joint Venture Agreement

This Joint Venture Agreement is a perfect example of the type of Joint Venture Agreement you will need when you respond to a Tender, Request for Proposal or Request for Quotation. It includes all the paragraphs that are tender specific. Not everybody knows that a Joint Venture Agreement for Tenders needs to have specific paragraphs. Without these paragraphs your Tender Response can be disqualified.

Price - R250-00

Available - online

6. Policies and Procedures

Most of the Tenders, Request for Proposals and Request for Quotations that you will respond to will ask for some Policies and Procedures - especially those from the Private Sector. We have most of the standard Policies and Procedures available and if there is a specific Policy and Procedure that you need for a specific tender, we will compile it to your specific needs. Policies and Procedures are business specific and therefor individual quotes will be provided per request.

Price - from R150-00

Available - via email correspondence

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